2004-04-04 08:07:23 ET

hat updated in a while because not much has really happened...went out and got some drinks last night...can't wait for the end of the month to go to NYC and Pittsburgh it will be fun times.

2004-04-04 08:46:36 ET

this is off topic...but is your namein relation to the band nasum?

2004-04-04 10:48:54 ET

yeah it is

2004-04-04 10:53:06 ET

sweet, i had forgotten about them until i saw your name on here.

2004-04-04 10:54:15 ET

thier newest album helevete is really good also if you like them check out the band Burst its the old bassists band

2004-04-04 10:58:01 ET

cool, i will do so.

2004-04-04 11:02:38 ET

when you're in pittsburgh, try and stop at a record store called brave new world in oakland. they have tons of rare metal, punk, indie and grind stuff. good selection of new and used vinyl too.

2004-04-04 16:30:48 ET

cool i will see about stopping by there.

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