2004-08-06 20:36:12 ET

bought this dvd today called "wild zero" for those of you who know this movie you rock for those of you who dont...its about a japanese rock band called Guitar Wolf(its a real band) and they fight zombies...its a great movie its all in japanese and has english subtitles but its great.

2004-08-06 20:43:28 ET

nasum is a band. a rockin one. your name is nasum. i have not seen your page til now. you better be rockin, too...

don't let the name throw you off, i'm not some giggly weirdo. TEEHEE! ok ok. hi. welcome. or, thanks for letting me into your page.

2004-08-06 21:01:03 ET

ah you know about wild zero?!?!? thats so awesome

it makes it even better thats theres subtitles....dubbed is for idiots

2004-08-06 21:53:14 ET

your like the 4th person that has mentioned this movie.

is it all all the corporate movie rental stores or something.

2004-08-08 09:34:36 ET

its so funny i bought it at best buy...yeah the subtitles are great...ace is pretty funny and his wo(man) haha

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