woo wed.    2003-07-16 08:47:19 ET
its wensday! yay! ill be able to pick up my pictures that i took over my vacation!! i went out west last week to all the touristy spots, mt. rushmore yellowstone crap like that but i got some really good pics out there, oh btw i paint and i love taking pictures! woo thats my spare time thing to do!, me and nesa are going to go and eat later today, *excitement* havent seen her in a week so yay! bonding time.

I filled out an applacaton today too, SUBWAY!!! woo hooo i really need a job. my dad always wants me to work fro him, but i cant stand what he does, and his attitued when i do work for him. oh well im pretty shure ill get the subway job COZ I HAVE CONNECTIONS!!!

oh well.

music--none(coz my computer is an asshole)
but im singing in my head an interpol song.....

 Pics    2003-07-15 19:27:11 ET
im gonna have to get some, i lost everything i had on my comp, when it decided to have the shits for a while so..

 Im here    2003-07-15 19:24:31 ET
Yay, i love everyone right now, im soo happy i got here! yeah but this happyness wont last long...never does. oh well for the moment im happy!!

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