woo wed.....night
2003-07-16 19:08:08 ET

well i got to see little booder todayand i am happy!

i was watching some of bjorks videos, and now i have a song of hers stuck in my head. oh well

what else to say... my cat, Kitty Bob is sitting on my lap now so i now have to type w/ one hand. ok hes gone. well i got some pics today, and their good, also i got my vacation pics back, most are fairly good i think, but sarah....that ass....she didnt like them!!!!!!!!!

song--look no further-bjork
(sung in my head)

2003-07-16 19:09:34 ET


2003-07-16 19:24:27 ET

kand yo!!

2003-07-16 19:29:54 ET



2003-07-16 19:30:22 ET

i love that kitty being chased by the monster thing hahahahahahhaha

2003-07-16 19:33:50 ET

hahaha i know, its the best

2003-07-16 19:44:22 ET

hey i liked a few fucknugget

2003-07-16 19:47:20 ET

eeeeeeeeeeeeeee! you have a semi-afro and you love sigur ros....i think i've died and gone to heaven =P

2003-07-16 19:54:18 ET

HAHAH why do you think that???

2003-07-16 19:55:35 ET

cuz u rock

2003-07-16 19:57:21 ET


2003-07-16 19:58:28 ET


2003-07-16 20:02:43 ET

sometimes i hate my afro, maily when it gets caught in the sunroof of my car when im closing it

2003-07-16 20:03:50 ET

yea thts understandable

2003-07-16 20:06:25 ET

your cat has a great name.

2003-07-16 20:10:07 ET

hahah thanks
theres a pic of him in the 1st gall.

2003-07-16 20:10:37 ET

i saw it already. o_0

2003-07-16 20:12:43 ET

hes my home kitty! yo!, hes so cool, hell play hide and go seek, with me, hell run and hid like under a couch or somthing and when you find him hell run acroos the house and hide somewhere else....till he wares me out or i wear him out...ahh good times

2003-07-16 20:16:22 ET


2003-07-17 14:06:11 ET


Thats golden!

Also: I have little kitten-killing monsters like them. I must be god!

2003-07-17 14:08:31 ET


2003-07-17 14:13:21 ET

Yar! Fear my durable godishness!

2003-07-17 16:14:03 ET

yar maties!!!

2003-07-17 19:12:33 ET

BLEH!... Tell kittie bob i said hey...what if Bob kills kitties too? =}

2003-07-18 05:49:41 ET


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