2003-07-19 16:17:33 ET

the mood today is...not caring!

the only good thing thats happened to me today is that Nesa called me a few mins ago from North Carolina, and that made my day, other than that, i ran my grandma around town all damn day!

i think when i talked to nesa i said something that really made her realize how i feel. i said "i didnt even expect you to call at all [while you were gone]" she didnt say anything, maybe i shocked her, i dont know what it was, but i was the truth, then i said "well i didnt expect you to call was because you were on 'vacation' and wanted to get away from every thing" she said "honey i go on vacation to get away from london (ky)" i guess she does love me.

this music fits the mood/feelings

music--gin blassoms---follow you down

oh and...damnit i wish fall would hurry its ass up and get here. yeah school come with it, but i love fall

2003-07-19 18:54:40 ET

all that other stuff is nice...

but i am supposed to automatically like you because you have a radiohead name... and i have the shirt thats in your avatar.

hehehe. wilkommen!

2003-07-20 08:50:52 ET

haha awsome! i love that shirt

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