bloody hell
2003-07-22 12:43:43 ET

well im wasnt that bad but im tired. hyden, the town i went to for the past 2 days....summed up.
it has ONE! RED LIGHT IN IT. the people arent that bad but there ever one a hick! woo hoo! shit buddy, lets go shoot some hawgs!--example

the town is really old so in that way it looks cool
i stayed in one of the oldest houses in hyden...haunted, but i was lucky, nothing really happened to me
and so now tomorrow i have to look forward to..nothing! and i like it!
sarah, tiffany g. and charity b. are coming over...HOPEFULY (SARAH!)
and then thurs. i have band pratice! yay!


2003-07-22 15:29:27 ET

Better believe it, ho-nazi bag! Word!

Tiffany says... "pluuuuuaaaaaaaaaaaaaablab" :P

2003-07-22 15:32:54 ET

where are you....tell her i said..assgina in my mouthhole!

2003-07-23 11:43:59 ET

I was at her house for the night, now I am at my house getting ready to come over to yours. Read my journal.. muhaha.

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