2003-07-22 16:02:17 ET

help!!!1 a big ass storm is heading my way!!!!!! im scared!!!!! the blackness out side is ingulfing the light of day!

2003-07-22 16:05:38 ET

Is it heading north? When will it get to OH?

2003-07-22 16:10:01 ET

no its heading kinda south east

2003-07-22 16:19:27 ET

Mavbe this one won't screw up my mowing tomorrow, I have to do two days work in one.

2003-07-22 16:24:56 ET

ahh that sucks much ass

2003-07-22 16:47:23 ET

Didn't work yesterday because of storms. Realy puts the screws to the rest of the week.

2003-07-22 18:14:44 ET


2003-07-23 11:52:37 ET

Me and Tiffany got stuck at Fantasy world in that storm last night.. hehe It was neat. There is no better place to get stuck at.

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