2003-07-26 06:24:23 ET

I realized that i would really love to go to Rio

dont ask why, just seems like a nice place

boredom insues today, nothing much to do, i want to go out and stay out all damn day.

being home really pisses me off. they want me to do all this shit, and get nothing in return.


yesterday was kinda fun, sarah and tiffany came over yesterday, fun fun, we hung and flung.

nesa comes home today! ive missed that one. excitement.

i need a new avatar. that is next on my list!


2003-07-26 07:41:23 ET be good. i want to go boyfriend is in spain right now, i wish i was there with him. damn rich people and their travelling.
hi :)

2003-07-26 10:19:31 ET

hahah hi there!

at the moment the number one place in the world i want to go is Iceland!!!!
seems like such a wonderful place, and cold all time, just the way i like it.

g elsk u Iceland!!!!

2003-07-26 12:27:54 ET

yeah, then you could stalk bjork. good times.

i remember watching some skate video...maybe one of the CKY ones...awhile back, and they went to Iceland, it looked so gorgeous.

personally i hate the cold...but that's just me.

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