2003-07-26 17:06:56 ET

im watching Magnolia.
Its a very intresting movie,
im kinda lost i didnt get to see the first of it
but its really giving me mixed emotions.
its sad in a very strange way.
i think ive found a new fave movie

Im alone.

I feel alone.

why do i feel like this?

help me.

do i miss you?

do i?

it eats me alive.

why am i?

i wish i could kill it.

i wish it away.

i am not.


yes? why?




2003-07-26 17:08:34 ET

That movie is amazing.
It's one of my favorites too.
The characters are so intense.
It's like going through 6 major life crises at the same time.

2003-07-26 17:10:07 ET

i know

2003-07-26 17:33:43 ET

if you like that you might like punch drunk love its by the same director.

i personally cant take his movies but i have yet to see magnolia im trying to recover from punch drunk love.

2003-07-26 18:04:31 ET

my g/f said it sucked. so i was going on her word and not going to watch it

but magnolia is one of my new fave movies, i just finished it. and I LOVE IT!!!

2003-07-26 19:33:09 ET

yeah, I hate/love Tom Cruise's character in that movie.. I only love it because he does it so well. The frogs are awesome.

2003-07-26 19:49:37 ET

hah that suprised the hell out of me

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