2003-07-28 17:32:58 ET

i went out today.

got my parking permit for school, hoora....=| hair str8tend...nesa did fun, my hair is str8...its weard

but i love it, it looks cool.

today was one of those days that fun was easy. you know. me and nesa just hung around all day, it was so fun! i wish we could have a slumber party!!!!!!!! ill bring the sleeping bags!!!!

EH LORDY LORDY, LOOK WHOS FOURGHTY!!!!!!!!!.....pointless

<end for now>

2003-07-28 17:38:02 ET


2003-07-28 17:56:43 ET

hah, coming soon
... ok in a few mins

2003-07-28 18:01:07 ET


2003-07-28 18:14:34 ET

Its lookin good.... Lay on it damnit!!!

2003-07-28 18:16:47 ET

hah well im getting the pics up now
.....i got it wet that bad????
i hope not

2003-07-28 18:17:51 ET

ehh..i guess thats ok..just dont wash it atleast til wed. night...thursday morning would be better though

2003-07-28 18:25:57 ET

sounds gooda

2003-07-28 18:37:42 ET

wow u look like a totally different person

2003-07-28 18:41:01 ET

haha i know.
scary huh!
i went to the movies today to visit some friends and i saw some ppl there that i knew and they had no idea who i was. great fun. i just need a style to go w/ it

2003-07-28 18:51:38 ET


2003-07-28 18:53:01 ET

fun fun

2003-07-28 21:35:46 ET

yay brent looks awesome...yo and stuff

2003-07-29 04:01:27 ET

You mean you don't hate me? lol. I think it looks a lot better too. You should have seen it when we were in the process... It was so straight i couldnt believe my eyes. His hair is longer than =}

2003-07-31 12:43:57 ET

MUAHAHAHA!!! YOU KNOW WHAT?? I LOVE YOU FOR DOING IT...but well have to do it again soon coz its already starting to curl some...but its not nearly as frizzy as it was...Kiss kisss!!!

2003-07-31 18:24:32 ET

*be's modest* oh anyone could have done it.... =}

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