2003-08-23 17:38:13 ET

i realized how pethetic my life is at the moment today
i went to a family thing today
and when i left there i was going to in town and have a grand ole time
the place i went to was closed, no friends there
i went to the movies coz ashton tori and nathin were working
when i go there my camera battries dies so no pics from there
although i did get some good pics in town
i hung out there for about 10 mins. and ened up going back to the fam thing

i went to the cell phone to call nesa
she wasnt home
im soo down right now
for a number of reasons
i have nothig to do
nowhere to go
no friends to talk to
no one to love
no one to love me
ive been lost
not cared about
knowing that it wont happen again
what has become of me

there is no more intrest in me
there are better things to do
screw this i really dont know why im here
why has that happened
i know she wanted it
but i knew it was going to hurt me
more than her
let what happens happen
im to nice
to forgiving
maybe this wasnt for me
maybe i should go
where we go is up to you
because im to much of a pussy to

why did it happen
it makes me nothing but depressed
like the life in me is gone
it feels like i have no reason to live
it was the life force in me
but now its gone
you know im still there
but do you care?

2003-08-23 17:45:53 ET

*cries* That poem saddened me greatly.

There are others with lives more pathetic than yours, ie: me

2003-08-23 17:48:10 ET

i just really dont know whats wrong with me.

2003-08-23 17:54:21 ET

i'm sorry man
people suck

2003-08-23 17:56:44 ET

oh how life sucks some times

2003-08-23 18:38:34 ET

Your life's not pathetic, everyone else's is. Besides, you like GYBE!, no waste of life likes good music.

2003-08-23 18:50:43 ET

i guess thats true

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