2003-08-24 06:33:45 ET

feeling a bit better today
im going to the waterpark with amber(my cousin)
so hopefully well have fun
it feels sooo good outside today,
the wind is really great
i guess ill post about my water slide encounters
when i return

and thanks to all those who were caring last night about me emo moments!

2003-08-24 10:37:34 ET

teehee emo monents.

I wish we had a water park near me

2003-08-24 11:02:52 ET

Where I'm at the weather is grand too. The days aren't so hot anymore, and the wind is just wild! Feels like spring again!

(But its not and I know its just a cruel trick of the coming fall... I lament...)

Enjoy your water-park day - sounds grand!!

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