2003-08-25 17:19:19 ET

today was sooo...

ive been ignored by people but oh well
im going to see sarah tomorrow!
im excited about that

and then shes coming home this weekend
even more excitement

i miss her
such a good friend
i can connect w. her soo well

she understands
shes like the older sibling i never had...i guess

2003-08-25 17:25:43 ET

i totally understand what you mean by the older sibling you never had

altho i did have older siblings shanes always been like the best older brother i had and lost

2003-08-25 17:26:42 ET

i love talking to her!
its oo much fun
weve been in many situations that are the same.
thats why we connect well

2003-08-25 17:27:16 ET

same with shane and i

2003-08-25 17:35:34 ET

isnt it fun

2003-08-25 17:38:28 ET


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