2003-09-09 16:12:30 ET

my photo class is cool
i was the only one there today

this weekend im going to try to do a photo shoot.
dont know how itll turn out
we'll see


2003-09-09 16:15:58 ET

"i was the only one there today"

That does sound quite heavenly . . .

2003-09-09 16:42:47 ET

im so jelous

2003-09-09 16:46:34 ET

i was
and it was
its really cool
all one-on-one
very nice

2003-09-09 16:49:39 ET

rar to that

2003-09-09 16:56:39 ET


2003-09-09 18:03:44 ET

aww yey


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