2003-09-11 15:28:55 ET

why in the hell did i make that my subject???????

any way
so i went to school
and it sucked ass
just like i knew it would

untill i posted the poster
infront of the cafetirea(sp)

it was a rush
i walked by the wall close to the door
i already had tape on the back
and i very quickly stuck it on the wall
im sooooo smooth

it was great
and it was there for some time

i had to go back to school
for parent teacher confrences
and it was gone
so some one took it down.
wonder who
dun dun duhhh

oh well
i have band pratice tomorrow
josh and rickey will be there
so itll be fun

kandess you need to come watch sometime!!!!!
you never come to see us any!!!!!
we love you
i just love you
but hey!

thats all.


2003-09-11 15:37:55 ET

make another one and everytime they take one down, put another one up!

2003-09-11 15:40:06 ET

feel the wrath
isnt that poster meaningful?

2003-09-11 15:40:50 ET

i love it, however im sure it took ages to make

2003-09-11 15:45:14 ET

its a band
they made it
i wish i made it
im not much of a collage-er

2003-09-11 15:53:54 ET

i used to make really pretty collages back in the day. it was how i passed art class.

2003-09-11 16:03:59 ET

ive never really tried.
i will soon
i was going to
but didnt go through with it

2003-09-11 16:23:52 ET

I want to come i do...i do i do i do...tell everyone I love them, cause i can't be there tomorrow...im going out of town to get a piercing and see Alien ant farm, godsmack, and eve 6 in concert. Tell Josh i love him

2003-09-11 18:25:50 ET

aye nice posta!

2003-09-11 18:31:55 ET

*likes G.W*

2003-09-12 09:29:31 ET

ill tell him!

2003-09-12 21:39:24 ET

thanks Brent =)

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