2003-09-12 19:25:44 ET

i just watched Donnie Darko.
all i can say is
if anyone has seen it they will understand
thanks to ashton i got to see it
she let me borrow it

someone needs to expalin it to me
did he travel back to his room?

im guessing he did.
but how

and when the sky "opened up"
was it a tornado?


2003-09-12 19:55:06 ET

..that movie messed my head up.. i understand nothing about it.

but jake g. is HOT.. so i <3 it now.

2003-09-12 19:56:44 ET

yes he is a hottie.....
ok not really
but yeah the movie is crazy

2003-09-12 19:59:27 ET


i'll have to watch it again soon.

2003-09-12 20:04:30 ET

remember about them talking about time machine theories and what not? well yeah.. i guess thats his time machine. i dunno. i forgot. damnit, now i have to watch the movie again.

2003-09-12 20:16:57 ET

what was his time machine? the car?

2003-09-12 20:17:37 ET

i have NOO clue. its been like, 4 months since ive seen the movie.

id have to watch it again and then tell you.

2003-09-12 20:19:38 ET


2003-09-13 07:30:46 ET

"have you ever seen a portal" the sky opening up was him returning to the past before everyone died and stuff. I will watch it with you sometime, it is fucking awesome.

2003-09-13 11:23:41 ET

yeah.........wait................OH SHIT I JUST GOT IT........wait...maybe not

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