2003-09-16 16:32:07 ET

its sucha great night
its cool out
no clouds
and as i was driving home
from photo class
and my cousin called and wanted to go
the this ice cream shoppe
and so we went and laughed
fun fun

then i took a bunch of pics around town
took amber home
and drove home with the windows down
and listened to Mogwai
which is a good band to listen to on nights like
this i found out

and for the moment
life is good

but i dread to see tomorrow
for no reason
just because i know ill have to go to school
and deal with everyones shit

oh well
live in the moment


2003-09-16 17:07:03 ET

those clouds in the background are nifty.

mogwai bore me.

2003-09-16 17:17:11 ET

they are ok comapred to Sigur Ros and GY!BE
but sometimes their great

2003-09-17 02:11:42 ET

eh. i have two of their cds, and neither of them get played very often if at all.

2003-09-17 13:23:49 ET


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