2003-09-24 04:13:10 ET

havent posted in some time
mainly because
ive been grounded

i came home an hour late monday night
from this thing nesa wante me to go to

fri. is when i can get back on at home

Love K K
im sorry i didnt get to paint for you this weekend
and i prob wont this weekend
coz of the Cock fest
and sarahs comeing home
but soon my friend

nothing much to say
im hungry

oh and im at school
yet agin


2003-09-24 04:15:51 ET

no biggie hun, whenever you have time

2003-09-24 04:18:06 ET

(wonders what a cock fest is O_o)

2003-09-24 04:18:53 ET

im soo lonely
help me

are you at home?

2003-09-24 04:21:30 ET

yea im home...what can i do to cheer you up?

2003-09-24 04:24:48 ET

come here
and sign me out
and take me home
where do you live anyway?

2003-09-24 04:26:29 ET

if i could i would

i live in massachusettes

2003-09-24 04:28:28 ET

lucky you!!

2003-09-24 04:29:08 ET

how do you figure?...i mean i have to admit id much rather live here, then kentucky....but it still sucks

2003-09-24 04:32:35 ET

theres more to there
i know
i just know
and well
its new england
and thats just cool

2003-09-24 04:33:31 ET

its not as "cool" as its made out to be

i cant wait to move out to the west coast

2003-09-24 04:37:36 ET

uhm... massachusetts pretty far from here isn't it? i'm in NC

2003-09-24 04:40:38 ET

i wish i lived there
in mass
or somewhere
class chanege

2003-09-24 04:41:23 ET

(cause i'm goin' to the west coast pretty soon once i sale my fiero..)... and wished i had someone to come with me... just to talk and shiznit haha... cause its gonna be pretty boring to go alone haha

2003-09-24 05:37:01 ET

i got a year and a half before i can leave =(

2003-09-24 05:38:04 ET

yea i got to thinkin' bout that... :-\

2003-09-24 06:28:33 ET

but ya know if it turns out you end up waiting that long for whatever reason id be happy to go with you

2003-09-24 06:29:51 ET

ok... i doubt i'll wait that long... if i stay that long... i won't have the ability to leave...

2003-09-24 09:51:55 ET

*hugs brent* maybe i'll see you this weekend at the cock fest.

Cock fest=World Chicken Festival held in London Kentucky honoring KFC, Sanders style, cause the very first KFC is in Corbin, and well Corbin and London are pretty much the same thing. Big redneck fair type of deal with the worlds largest frying skillet...all in's retarted, but I go cause it's a good place to run into all your friends.

2003-09-24 12:10:20 ET

Cock Fest = fun with Nathan. That is the only reason I go. He is at his all time prankster high during the fest of cocks. :) well, I like running into everyone else too. :D

2003-09-24 15:49:25 ET


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