2003-09-28 17:23:45 ET

tonight is the first night of fall to me
its very cool out
clear skys

soo pretty
i love nights like this

i could stand outside all night

people came home this weekend
i made new friends
Aileen, Ginny, Ronnie.
Sarah, Tiff G., Charity, Joey B., also came home.

but it wont last
i have to return to school
and put up with shit
from people
that once mattered

oh well
we live
and move on

its amazing how people change
how they never care
but themselves

no concern but with them

move on
he cant
is he mad
why does he care
she dosent care
he dosent want to let go
but he knows
its gone
so he gets pissed
and moves on


2003-09-28 17:24:48 ET

*big huge hug*


2003-09-28 17:27:08 ET


2003-09-28 17:34:40 ET

mucho love

2003-09-28 18:03:34 ET

thank you

2003-09-28 18:20:10 ET

It's kind of like a quasi-poem, it's neat I like it.

2003-09-28 18:32:06 ET

thank you
it was a random thought that poped into my head
it happens all the time

2003-09-28 18:44:29 ET

Yeah i know what ya mean, sometimes I get those too, but I don't think I've ever made a quasi-poem before.

2003-09-28 19:08:30 ET

he he
i dont know if i have b4 or not.
oh well

2003-09-29 01:56:26 ET

welcome =)

you know im here if you need me cutie

2003-09-30 11:37:07 ET

I she didnt care...she wouldnt have let his head rest upon her lap for the hours of 2. In the cramped back space of Jetta =}

2003-09-30 12:05:57 ET

it still seems that it dosent bother her. and thats how he sees it. oh well

2003-10-03 10:26:14 ET

It does bother her, you know she still cares about you and always will =}

2003-10-03 16:07:08 ET

im never shure....i still miss her, but i dont think it would/can happen again

2003-10-04 18:01:01 ET

She doesn't know that it could happen again, but she does know that she wants to keep some kind of relation ship with you. she thinks your a good person.

2003-10-05 07:19:19 ET

yes well, it wont happne again. friendship is ok

2003-10-06 17:17:49 ET

*hand shake*

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