Let me out.
2003-09-29 15:30:53 ET

thats all i want
to leave
i want to go somewhere that isnt full of shit

somewhere not here
im sick of the shit i have to tred through everyday
to live
all i have is One year
and im gone

its to far

i cant stand
the ways that all this happens
why cant we be happy
all i want is to be happy
i wear a mask
no one rweally sees me
when i look in the mirror
i see the hate
the lonelyness
that is me

i see a person that
was in love
a person that was happy
but no longer
i am alone now
no one is really here anymore
i am alone
no one here
suffering alone in my corner

but no one really cares
"hes just over reacting"
they dont see me
they just see the skin
not the heart
they will never understand
even if they did
it would be a joke
then they wouldnt be there at all

i want out
but i dont know where i want to go
back to love
that is the only happiness i get
to be with my loved ones
and they are gone

life is fickle

live while you can


2003-09-29 15:34:54 ET

we'll get together in a year and run away from are crappy towns haha...go off and start all over again


2003-09-29 15:35:41 ET

sounds like a plan to me

2003-09-29 15:37:33 ET

id totally do it...drive across country...just not have a home other then a car...ah itd be great

2003-09-29 15:39:45 ET

fun fun.
isnt being free great
lets go to iceland

2003-09-29 15:42:28 ET

and hang out with sigur ros!

2003-09-29 15:45:55 ET

oh man
that would rule
or hang with Mum.

2003-09-29 15:46:44 ET

*drools* Mum....so amazing

only problem is we can't drive to iceland...inless we get some kinda special car

2003-09-29 15:48:45 ET

move to d.c.!
everyone likes d.c.

2003-09-29 15:48:57 ET

ah i hate d.c.

2003-09-29 15:50:39 ET

ive never been to New England

2003-09-29 15:51:32 ET

boston rocks...just my little town here sucks

2003-09-29 15:53:49 ET

ahh hell
i dont know where i want to go

2003-09-29 15:55:19 ET

that why i say we drive across country...hell i dont eat anything anyway...so we'd only be paying to feed a mouth and a half plus gas...haha....god that would be the bestest

2003-09-29 15:56:38 ET

great music all the way
thats one thing
no matter what
that can make me happy
sigur ros
it doesnt judge you

2003-09-29 16:00:06 ET

as long as we dont listen to sigur ros or mum well im driving because we'll end up in a tree

2003-09-29 16:01:28 ET

when are you coming to get me?
im ready for a car ride with cute kids!

2003-09-29 16:06:40 ET

ohh yes, come with me

2003-09-29 16:08:18 ET

we could all live at my house.
driving gets boring.

2003-09-29 16:09:30 ET

oh but itd be fun

i'd make it fun

oh wait wait...i got it...

we can do both!

2003-09-29 16:14:43 ET

yeah, we can sleep here in one big bed like the 7 dwarfs and drive all day.. OH YEAH!
i do that anyways!!

2003-09-29 16:18:41 ET


2003-09-29 16:25:36 ET

ahh it would rock

2003-09-29 16:25:46 ET

no no...it will rock =D

2003-09-29 16:28:26 ET

yeah, right, whos driving?

2003-09-29 16:34:43 ET

my mom...lol no

i duno

2003-09-29 16:37:18 ET

well there aint no way my ass is driving to..
wherever the hell you live.

2003-09-29 16:38:48 ET

i can drive, suburban or Jetta?

2003-09-29 16:39:11 ET

oooo we get a choice

2003-09-29 16:41:17 ET

suburban, ive got a big ass suv too..
they rock

2003-09-29 16:41:42 ET

yea i think i have to agree with that one

2003-09-29 16:42:16 ET

lots of room in the back, if you know what i mean..

2003-09-29 17:03:46 ET

hahaha.....that was so great

2003-09-29 17:06:08 ET

sounds good to me

2003-09-29 17:08:03 ET

me too =P

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