moooo cow
2003-10-05 16:56:23 ET

i went to hang out with brandon today
him and his girlfriend are having "problmes"
and so i went to discuss the problems
i got him to feel better

i really wish that.....

you know
ive come to the conclution that
im going to stay out of relationships for a while
i really dont want to deal with the pain
yeah its nice to be loved...but
theres a price to pay

but oh well
i love having friends
thats better than having a signifagent other
because...well because

i need to go and see sarah
i miss her
thats the frined i miss the most
so im having to make new friends
so far its been one

and the new frined just informed me
that she got a cd for me for my bday
and i think its the ONE cd ive wanted FOREVER!!!
ehhh i hope so!!!

that would mean that i would have ALL THEIR CDS!!!
pj crap!!!


2003-10-05 17:03:08 ET

yeah. im staying out of relationships too.
they give me headaches and heartaches.

2003-10-05 18:12:30 ET

ohh so many

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