2003-10-11 09:50:59 ET

im listning to Godspeed you!Black Emperor
lift yr. skinny fists like antennas to heaven!
its such a wonderful song

im FINELY staring a band
a inturmental band
with me Guitar
ashton chello
nathan bassoon/ piano
casey violin

i really hope that ashton can find the AV
its a scientific music maker basicly
radiohead uses one.
and thats what ill also be playing

all we really need is a drummer
and maybe a few other people
and itll be great
were going to praticed on next sat

i hope it works

man i had a shitty week
suck ass

had a crappy week

but last night made up for it
sarah had her anual halloween party
i went as Spike Spegal
its was fun
i wanted to stay the night
but didnt
oh well

man i really want this CD
lift yr. skinny fists like antennas to heaven!


2003-10-11 13:10:20 ET

The band sounds like it could make for some really cool music.

Who's Spike Spiegel?

2003-10-11 17:06:36 ET

the spike
i dont think i spelled it right.

2003-10-11 17:15:16 ET

I have no clue who that is! (wink wink wink)

2003-10-11 17:16:46 ET

i see
hahah whn i saw that pic of you in the spike-suit
i crapped!
(not literly)
its cool

2003-10-11 17:17:56 ET

Yeah, me too (but literaly, I really had to go)

2003-10-11 17:18:35 ET

fun fun

2003-10-11 17:19:43 ET

It was!

2003-10-11 17:21:51 ET

it always is...unless...well you know, back-door trots!

2003-10-11 17:22:24 ET

Or constipation...I don't like to wait long!

2003-10-11 17:25:24 ET

HAHAH me eather!

2003-10-11 18:34:15 ET

you forgot to mention.. you dressed in drag for about 10 mins!

2003-10-11 19:00:52 ET

yeah...thnaks ass face...i was tring to forget.
oh and i told mom.....

2003-10-11 19:36:26 ET

ha ha ha

"I dress in Drag, they call me a fag but boy, I really don't care
Cuz last night I met your mother, fucker, and I hope you like to share cuz she did
I'm the queen, queen of the rodeo
Queen, queen of the rodeo
So cowboy if you're lookin to fight
I ain't no wimp I scratch and bite"

2003-10-12 14:32:37 ET


2003-10-12 14:45:29 ET

You like Alice in Chains at all?

2003-10-12 14:51:10 ET

so so

2003-10-12 15:11:41 ET

That was "Queen of the Rodeo" by AIC, thats why I asked :-D

2003-10-12 15:26:53 ET

ok i didnt know....
figgured it was from a movie or song

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