2003-10-15 15:19:44 ET

do it while you can

we all have emotions
they get to us
but dont let it take over

im unhappy
because im alone now

i want another person
but im afraid to have one now
i dont know what to do with me
its an emotional shock

to go from having it all
to nothing

but shit happens dosent it
people play with you
just to push you

and it will make you sad
live for
the friends

if nothing

im low
but im tring

they say its great
it will kill you

its true

Love Kills Kids

we dont know what it is
we think we do

i thought i did
i was wrong

i get nothing more than a
look of concern

thats all
the look of im sorry

i miss you

too late

i cant handle it again

its too much
i want out

i want love
but ill never receve it

so why do i try

were programed to want love
the eternal search of the person

the search never ends

does it last forever?

2003-10-15 16:04:58 ET

awww that was such an awesome entry
i'm all blushing now
*hugs* <3

2003-10-15 16:09:20 ET

were ok.

2003-10-15 16:10:08 ET

yea we are.

2003-10-15 16:23:18 ET


2003-10-15 16:27:15 ET

over emotions.
over thinking.
over attachment.

2003-10-15 16:30:40 ET

i feel soo out of place

2003-10-15 16:30:54 ET

as do i

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