2003-10-16 15:53:51 ET

the new band will beging tomorrow
we beging at 12

i hope it goes well

the excitement is fun

not much to say for now.

2003-10-16 15:56:42 ET

there is only 1 G in begin.

anyways good luck or whatever.

2003-10-16 16:08:01 ET


2003-10-16 16:46:18 ET

Good luck.

2003-10-16 18:31:22 ET

I think it will go great! Just remember it's for fun ;)

2003-10-17 08:56:25 ET

ha blah, have fun, why arent you in school though?

2003-10-17 13:05:18 ET

no school today. weve already done it
it turned out ok
tori was pissed i think though
we have like half a song
so yeah

2003-10-17 17:11:56 ET

It's the first practice, what did tori expect?

I think the first couple practices should be devoted to getting everyone on the same wavelength. Music isn't forced, right? (maybe it is! O.o)

2003-10-18 09:38:17 ET

tori....she dosnet play any insturments she sings...and we dont want lyrics (at this time)

so she was kinda upset

and yes the first few pratices will be getting on the same musical level.....

2003-10-18 11:13:10 ET

Oh...well, I guess I can kinda see why then.

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