Hard time keeping up.
2003-10-19 08:02:30 ET

ive fallen out
and thought that it would never happen

could it be
that she does understand
im just to afraid to let her know

i was so screwed with
that now
i dont know what to do

i cant let myself become like this
i know that
it can happen

im not going to let this happen
im going to overcome this
i have to move on

i may be falling back in
she understands
she can feel

she isnt afraid
like the other

i am the one who is afraid now
i try not to be
i must get out of this

i will be normal again
i must
love will become again


2003-10-19 09:00:22 ET

just be careful.

2003-10-19 13:07:19 ET

im tring

i dont know what to do


just going with my "heart"

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