2003-10-22 14:31:13 ET

he fucks up again

i had to say it
i didnt want to end
just to let her know
that its not the end

just the beging

even the hororscope
know that it was best

im sorry for the pain i bring
it never meant to be this bad

you know there is still something there
and ill always be here
i just dont want
to lead you on
i just wanted you to know

that im not ready for a love again
even though i have a love for you

im sorry for being an ass
and please dont hate me for it

i know it will last.

just remember the recent



2003-10-22 15:10:51 ET

so, she asked, you said no?

2003-10-22 16:08:07 ET

no, diffrent situation

2003-10-23 00:41:02 ET

well u must explain it some time.

2003-10-23 07:57:03 ET

it almost seems as if we're echo-ing thoughts when i read your posts. your entries are something i relate to so well... and i'm sorry you have to go through that.


2003-10-23 11:20:03 ET


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