Dead Flag Blues
2003-10-27 14:30:45 ET

i cant wait to get my GY!BE cd
it will be great

im not as happy

i dont know what to think today
im tired

i have things to love
but ive said it many times before

i dont feel as much as i use to
ive been killed from the inside

i dont know what to feel anymore
i never know whats right and wrong anymore

i know its there
but im afraid to feel it

afraid of the pains
and the mistakes

that can be made
the ones that might be made

you can feel th rish of wind on your face
as you fall from the cliff

you think of all the good times
you flash in the pasts shadows

you know the end is soon
where will you be going

for now you are weightless
soaring through the skies

the moment that is now
will only be once

the ground nears
and the clouds clear

the trees fly by
and the rocks are close

you see your shadow
and soon after

you see nothing
you felt no pain

and now
you fly up again

through the clouds and trees
you look down and see yourself

you feel nothing
you see the end

the light nears
and you can see your life

the ones youve lost
and the ones you never knew

you know it the end
but only of the real life

what happens now will be up to you
the way you live is up to you

the end is now
the life has gone

but only from that body
your now



2003-10-27 16:07:15 ET

brent I need you to do something for me....go download a band called will thank me over and over for it

2003-10-28 14:07:25 ET

will do

2003-10-28 17:24:53 ET


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