The New BAT
2003-11-02 16:52:15 ET

i just came from caseys....
i knew it

it has happened
im happy yet again

and this time
i hope

it will stay
the chemestry is perfect

i feel complete again

i can feel again

the coldness has gone

i can live again

thank you casey

the love has returned


2003-11-02 17:18:20 ET

awww cute

2003-11-02 17:24:04 ET

he he ho
i love everyone right now

2003-11-02 17:24:27 ET

"iddy biddy"

2003-11-02 17:27:17 ET

lol well fart on a cookie

2003-11-02 17:29:03 ET

hahaha, we need to do something this week, fall break!!!

2003-11-02 17:57:15 ET

oooh that'd be fun. Of course kandess has NO car...but if you so happen to be out with friends and decide you want me to go with ch'all...come get moi

2003-11-02 18:00:01 ET

i will do, i might be alone!!!!!

2003-11-02 18:06:48 ET

might be alone? you...are like sarah...barely ever alone

2003-11-03 06:00:26 ET

i know...but ill have no one with me...i think

2003-11-03 11:33:16 ET

if you come on friday or saturday we can check out that new 16+ club, since i've never been, and we'll hafta figure out sooner or later if it's any fun. If not we can find some others maybe Casey or Nathan or something and do scary road hunting

2003-11-04 05:59:09 ET

woo, yes lets go to the club!!!

2003-11-04 15:42:49 ET

i think that'd be fun, we can...get what ever groove we have...on

2003-11-04 17:18:01 ET


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