a 2nd home
2003-11-09 06:08:26 ET

i have finely found someone that cares
its a person that loves me

more than anyone that has before
ive not been this happy in years

i have to thank you for doing this
it seem i could just live with you forever

i never want this to end
i know you care

all i want is to hold you
you have made me happy again

im more than comfortable with you
than with anyone else

and that is one of the greatest feelings

its sunday
fall-break is over

i have spent every day
except monday
at caseys house
we went to the mall and stuff

we had much fun
then that night
came to me
and sarah and ginny
didnt leave till 5am

i love you guys
i bought
Vaspertine by Bjork
it is very good
i suits my current mood settings
which is

it is great
i will see you


2003-11-09 07:36:34 ET

Congratulations on your find. I hope that it works out for the two of you.

2003-11-09 07:42:56 ET

as do i....
i heard about you guys..
im sorry
we love you!
i do

2003-11-09 08:22:13 ET

Thanks. I haven't given up hope. In fact, I'm more in love with her now than I was then. She's given me the best thing I could ever need, and that's time apart. I didn't know that while I was with her, but I started to notice it more. I didn't realize I needed to change this much, but I knew I needed to change. But, I'm making my changes, and I'm happy again. I'm not sure how long it'll take before I can keep this happiness, but for now, I'm happy to know that I have what it takes to change and to change for the better. This is what Kandess wanted, and I was blind to it for so long. I couldn't thank her enough for this. This is truly a blessing, and that helps me stay close to her. Without her, I would still be the same dismal me.

2003-11-09 08:25:38 ET

distance makes the hear grow fonder

2003-11-09 09:08:38 ET

This is something that took me a year to learn

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