2003-11-15 06:41:21 ET

fun fun

i spent time with her,
im feeling great

im so comfortable with her
and now i have no worries

i hope it lasts

so much better than before
sarah, i LOVE YOU!!!!!!
and i need to come up soon
penis face


2003-11-15 08:15:52 ET

Thats right you assgina! You should come up sometime next week. We had to sneak nathan in yesterday.. we are not supposed to have boys on the floor this weekend because this alumne lady is visiting.. it was funny, he sat in my room talking like a girl.. Ginny and Kayla were cracking up.

2003-11-15 11:09:00 ET deffinately something i would have loved to see

2003-11-16 06:23:38 ET

hahah, yes i agree

2003-11-16 14:48:47 ET

love nathan.

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