2004-12-03 06:02:17 ET

Guys i havent been on here since the summer and its now december
im sorry
been having very very shitty times

i quit my job
i cut all my hair off
casey and i broke up
sarah moved to richmond
im about to move out of the house
im ready to leave

im tring to get into an art college
and i reayy dont know what im going to do with my life

i may move to portland next year
im going to New York City this summer

its crazy
im seeing someone new

and i really couldnt be happier
im at school right now
i skipped half the day today
i thought id let every one know im still alive
love all

comment please
ill be posting more often now...

also im on live journal

later guys

2004-12-03 11:16:35 ET

i missed you brent

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