Again (and longer)
2005-01-21 07:25:31 ET

at school again
and yet a again
the iPod is pumping life into my ears
the only thing keeping me sane again today

im in MMP (yearbook)
and Ms. Bush is still out
shes been out for 2 weeks now
i feel bad for her
her mother-in-law is about to

and shes been taking care of her
alot lately
i love ms. bush
shes a sweetie

as some of you may notice
i have changed my Bio a bit

*drinks water*
im addicted to water
which is good
i love it
i drink like 3 or 4 bottles a day


i dont know if any of you know this
i have to have glasses
i wish i had them right now so i could see
what i was typing clearly
but ill survive
i should have them today or tomorrow

oh update on the whole "Sound of Music"
im not doing it
i was asked to play a much larger role in
another play titled "Bus Stop"
ill be playing a cowboy

*Music from Silent Hill 4 comes on*
i love this song
its titled "Resting Comfortably"
gives me goosebumbps everytime i hear it

i have wondered soemthing recently, why it is that i act the way i do. Not that its bad, i just wonder why it is i dont care most of the time. I tried to explain this to someone last night. This is how it went: I always expect the very Worst from every situation. So when the event or thing happens it can turn out one of two ways. One, just as i expected and when this happens i am prepared and i can stay calm and handle the situation. Two, it happens and it is much better (or turns out to be good) and i am on cloud 9 and happy.

this is why i think i can stay so calm all the time
when i walk through the halls here i never have much of an expression on my face.
its just because i ignore most of the things going on around me
because usually its something that is stupid and insognificant and i can laugh at it
to myself


im excited that Sarah 1 and 2 are coming down this weekend
*i want a smoke*
i know
its bad

ok this is long enough
im in a really talkitive mood
and there is no one around that has enough of a brain to talk to
*Mum is playing*

ok im done
kisses to all


2005-01-21 09:20:23 ET

Shut your pot hole wang chung! Cant wait to see you tits!

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