The sun was dying down
2005-03-04 11:18:43 ET

i drove through the wind
and looked into the mirror
to see behind

and as the wind blew the trash around the car

i looked to the clothes
swirling in the air
and i saw a flash of red

at first i didnt know
what it was
but then
i thought of you

and i knew it was yours

before the wind could carry it further
i rolled up the glass
and i look to make sure
it was there

when i came to a hault
in the drive
i got out of the car
and pulled the red from black

and i looked at the cloth
and held your hat
betwen my plams

and i felt how soft it was
and i began to understand
how you felt

and i knew your yourself
and you know im here
for you when you need

then i thought that tonight
ill bring back your red
and hope that the black

will die
with the

2005-03-04 17:43:07 ET

i like this very much..very much indeed.

is this fiction? or did u take the red back?

2005-03-04 18:58:18 ET

it is true
i gave the red back
and i just had a great night

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