Hú Huiss
2005-03-29 04:14:07 ET

a ship

pushing through
heavy water
with no passegners

the hull is rusten
and cracked
the water seeps in

the sun is up
but covered with grey
and fog

the water is black
and imperfect like glass
as it seeps through the cracks

the only colours that are seen
are grey, brown,
and black

in the distant fog
a light
shining from at house

the land is near
and covered with rock
with black breaking the shore

then as life began to show through the house
it caught my eyes
and i fell into the black

sinking to the bottom
landing on the ground
with an ocean above me.

2005-03-29 04:18:33 ET

Fuck, that last paragraph really got me

2005-03-29 04:20:10 ET

thank you
every so often
i can write

2005-03-29 04:22:23 ET


You wrote that, nice!

The only thing i write is obscenely wacked out messages in my diary when im depressed

2005-03-29 04:25:06 ET

yes i wrote it, every so often i get these little spurts of inparational writing abailities...

i dont know where they come from, but if i dont write it down then and there, it goes away.

2005-03-29 06:08:19 ET

i like this very much<3

2005-03-29 07:10:01 ET


2005-03-29 08:04:50 ET

Brent...i have written something kind of like this before. Remind me later this week and i will try and find it.

2005-03-29 11:11:14 ET

ok ok

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