Here I am with one hour to go!!!
2005-05-21 07:05:36 ET

so im sitting in ms bush's room
on the computer
waiting for 1pm

ohh man

im in the cap and gown
and everything


2005-05-21 07:06:22 ET

I take it your graduating congrats!

2005-05-21 16:22:58 ET

Congratulations more high school.

2005-05-21 18:45:53 ET

and you looked so good in said cap and gown..hehe :D glad you got out and ish man, best of luck. you better keep ur arse in contact!

2005-05-22 12:38:00 ET

Thanks all!
brad you know ill be here all the time

2005-05-22 12:40:26 ET

I hear there was a bit of upsetness about your graduation.

2005-05-22 12:45:36 ET


2005-05-22 12:48:22 ET


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