2005-06-14 05:10:34 ET

well as you know i rented a bike yesterday

for one week it costs $79
and i started to regret spending that much

but then
after dinner
i decided to ride down the beach

and i took the iPod (of course)
i made a playlist just for riding

and as i went down the beach
i was riding against the wind
but i loved it

i decided to turn around and go north with the wind

and wow what speed there was

once i started going
i couldnt stop
it was just so fun
and relaxing
and great

i ended up riding all the way to the inlet
which is about 7 miles from where i am staying
and i decided to take some pics

^this is looking into the inlet

^looking down the beach

^about a mile from the inlet this was on my way back so the sun was setting.

it was so quiet
and so pretty
and so
just great

in total i rode
about 15 or 16 miles

how great that was
and im not even sore today

its great

im going to do it again today


2005-06-14 05:19:34 ET

Burn those calories!

Looks great otherwise.

USA = #1

2005-06-14 05:47:50 ET

well when it comes to nature and such yes
politics no

but yes i had great fun!

2005-06-14 10:33:08 ET

awesome. Sounds really fun. Dude, thanks for sending us that goddamn tropical storm

2005-06-14 10:38:37 ET

ohh youre welcome!!
is it still there?
there is another one in the making looks like

be prepared

2005-06-15 09:04:38 ET

the weather goes nuts everyday here, lol

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