The New Home
2005-07-23 16:20:42 ET

Well i have almost finished working on my room
i still have to work on some posters and stuff like that
but i now have pics for every one to see

lets begin.

This is looking from the door, as you can see this corner is a little bare but i am going to put a chair in this corner.

This is where i am sitting right now, this is my desk and "work area" and i LOVE IT!!!!!

This is the bed and night stand, it is a bit bare as you can see also, but im still working.

This is from that bare corner, i bought that lantern today for $10 and i LOVE IT also.

And yet another view of my desk i am so proud of, its so nice....i love it so

well thats all for this entry, being here makes me so HAPPY its very weird, but i LOVE IT HERE!!!

i know what your thinking
"well he may love it now, but later on he will start to hate it.."
yeah you may be right
but i still love it now.....

Now im off to see The Island.....


2005-07-23 22:08:13 ET

wow thats awesome. im glad you are happy.

2005-07-24 04:33:00 ET

Nice. I am moving soon myself. I don't feel so ashamed to post pics of my apartment now.

2005-07-24 06:00:41 ET

well thank you i am proud of my little room, when we finish the rest (for the most part) ill show it off too.

YoSelf- thats how i was with my old room

2005-07-24 06:22:02 ET

It looks good B!!!!!

2005-07-24 09:32:33 ET

you need to get your ass over here to see it
and stop playing sick

2005-07-24 09:33:48 ET

Fuck you....i am sick. Are you home right now?

2005-07-24 17:57:39 ET

well im home....and you just left here like an hour ago

2005-07-25 05:05:24 ET

This is true

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