it went as such
2005-08-25 06:02:13 ET

went to a movie


the emotional breakdown of a friend

a shoulder to cry on

someone to talk with about it

but then it went down

walked around a parking gerage

in the middle of the night

in the car

no words

come home

shit still happeneing outside

and in here

i leave

i go out

i realize that this is it for the next year

nothing new

nothing diffrent

the same thing

every week

for a year





empty stares

broken hearts

rolling tears

empty feelings

im tired

they are lucky

they have that at least

im going to stop looking

there is no reason in it

i just want everyone to leave me alone

i want to leave myself alone

im not going to find it

its not as simple os they make it

im ready to quit

i need to work out

im getting fat

im breaking down

im tired

i have had enough.

2005-08-25 08:47:10 ET

You and i.....the same....yet different
Thank you
Regardless of the out come of an outreached embrace
Thank you
I fought the feelings off but then i broke down beside you

2005-08-25 13:21:31 ET

*hugs you*

2005-08-25 18:53:53 ET

very true... on too many levels.

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