2005-08-25 12:17:03 ET

come on

smile like you mean it

so strong

2005-08-25 12:42:30 ET


2005-08-25 12:47:07 ET


2005-08-25 13:06:38 ET


2005-08-25 13:31:50 ET

such a good song

2005-08-25 19:44:31 ET

Roots got it!

thanks to all for smiling.

2005-08-25 19:45:41 ET

haha I just saw them last week... amazing.

2005-08-25 19:46:00 ET

i would love to see them

2005-08-25 19:48:50 ET

I honestly wasn't going to go and wasn't that interestied, but my friend had an extra ticket and invited me. I'm so glad I went, it was excellent.

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