2005-08-25 21:06:18 ET

i saw someone today
i hadnt seen in years

it was the worst best saddest most heart wretching
moment had felt
since she left me standing there
that day
5 years ago

it was such a moment

how did we end up crossing again

the thing that made it worse

she didnt even recognize me

she was still the same
nothing had changed

still beautiful
still the same person that left me back then
still the same laugh

does this mean you live here now
will we see again

i dont understand

what has happend

where have you been

how is your life

maybe ill find out.

thank you for making me this.

2005-08-25 22:46:53 ET

Cool! It seems seldom to such a good paradox. It was great to see this person but the pain that was associated with them brought you down. She didn't reconize you, but there is comfort in somethings that haven't changed in 5 years. Yet in the end there may be something positive for you in the end.
I liked it (^_^)

2005-08-26 08:00:12 ET

it was one of the weirdest things to happen to me in a long time

2005-08-26 12:05:02 ET

i know how you feel because my ex that took me two years to get over came back after five years.

2005-08-27 10:15:18 ET

You need to talk to me about this
Is this the girl you talked to me about before

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