Holy holy........something
2005-08-29 09:36:30 ET

well as some of you know i auditioned for the IMTA Saturday

so it consisted of this:
I stood in front of 2 judges from L.A. and first
read a comercial of my choice (which was for Edge Shave Gel....i know FUCKING SHOOT ME)

then i had to walk a runway.

i did both and then talkeed to the judges for a min or 2 and that was it.

well today

i went to find out my results

I was scored like this:
out of 5

the man gave me
3.5 and said that I would be good for acting, i was confident on stage and that he loved my attitude.
the lady gave me
4.0 said that i would be good for modeling but i needed to work on my speed (reading the comercial) i needed to smile more, and that she Loved my Hair...

so this means

That I Qualified to go to FUCKING LA!


so now i am on my way

Ill be going (if all works out) In January.

2005-08-29 10:06:30 ET

yay! bunches of luck with that =)

2005-08-29 11:16:38 ET

wow, that's awesome! and yes, good luck with all that working out for you!

2005-08-29 11:23:41 ET

WOW congrats!

I'm thinking of taking some acting courses when I go back to school, did you take any?

2005-08-29 16:26:24 ET


2005-08-30 02:23:52 ET

congratulations, your a sweetheart and deserve this. <3

2005-08-30 04:31:07 ET

well thank you eveyone.

Pez- no i never took any classes

now the next big deal is paying for it (yes i have to pay, i know its rediculous)

2005-10-12 08:18:45 ET

God... I envy you so.

2005-10-12 17:09:48 ET

well thank i think

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