2005-08-31 07:00:40 ET


this has to be one of the cutest flash games i have ever seen in my LIFE


2005-08-31 19:14:23 ET

Yes, cute, but I couldn't figure out how to play. I know the mouse functions or w/e but couldn't figure out the object of the game. Maybe I shoulda read the instructions. Lol.

2005-09-01 04:33:52 ET

it's adorable...you should see the one with the girl catching the stars....so cute

2005-09-01 05:23:39 ET

yeah the stars one is cool too.....those are great games!!!


i <3 the cuteness

2005-09-01 05:34:51 ET

i spent an entire day at work playing those games

2005-09-01 06:09:47 ET


what a fun time waister.

how did you feel about the "High Delivery" one?

2005-09-01 06:15:49 ET

I <3 that one...it's so Paris cute. <3 Collecting flowers and such

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