2005-09-26 15:35:57 ET

i came across someone on myspace

someone who made me who i am now
the person that made me this

not afraid
open mind
and a full heart

she disappeard for years
and all i had were pictures of her

to remember her

now i found her
and i am yet to thank her

2005-09-26 16:38:50 ET

who are you on myspace?
i'll find ya.

2005-09-26 18:58:37 ET


2005-09-27 03:30:21 ET

aww burrito...but with an N

2005-09-27 05:42:33 ET


2005-09-27 05:51:16 ET

thanks kandass!!
now im going to be shitting hot sause for a week

2005-09-27 06:07:47 ET

you poor thing *giggle* I <3 the name Burento

2005-09-27 09:38:28 ET

Burento is the japanese way of saying my name

2005-09-27 09:39:38 ET


2005-09-27 10:53:21 ET

i enjoy it

2005-09-28 07:51:54 ET

call that bitch up

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