2005-10-02 15:39:09 ET


this weekend im going to fucking Chicago!!!!!
from sat till tuesday!!!!!!!

2005-10-02 15:49:11 ET

where in ky are you (if i may ask)?

i'm in london

2005-10-02 16:03:58 ET

Im from London

2005-10-02 17:21:41 ET

Cool! A lot of us are from London on here! I have a lot of friends in Lex!

2005-10-02 19:13:47 ET

hahah we all used to hang out with mr. nice dream, then we all got too busy :( brent, jade, both of you are invited to my halloween party as well :D i expect to see you there if at all possible!

p.s. brent, bring some anime loving japanese girls and ill give you a cookie!

2005-10-02 19:28:09 ET

thanks brad ;) i would most certainly but i kinda have the same tradition with my friends in tennessee... so i think i'll be there.

2005-10-02 19:37:14 ET

what day though? that is the question?

2005-10-02 19:38:06 ET

we havent really talked about that yet. i was just assuming it would be halloween evening.

2005-10-02 19:40:33 ET

HA! my party is the 29th! i think... wait.. that is halloween eve... no its not... grrr.. its a sat if you wanna come :P lets just put it that way.

2005-10-02 19:48:59 ET

k, thanks!

2005-10-04 12:58:09 ET

Why are you going to Chicago?

2005-10-04 15:30:50 ET

well ass...
im going for the hell of it really.

that is the main reason and i coulnd be more excited

2005-10-04 20:59:30 ET

im from chicago!

halloween parties! im having one too! but in san diego! ah!

2005-10-05 06:34:00 ET


i have never been there...and i am excited out of my ass!

2005-10-05 18:52:59 ET

what are you going to do there!!?

2005-10-06 04:23:18 ET

I have been to Chicago and it is a blast

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