2005-10-04 15:36:46 ET

sitting on the porch
with the comp


feels great

2005-10-05 12:11:42 ET

you are a loser

2005-10-06 04:25:46 ET

Yes you are a loser
Come over and see us this evening stupid

2005-10-06 04:51:24 ET

yes well you both just go and die or something it was nice

i may come over but i have to go to the library and do some shit too.

2005-10-06 07:09:07 ET

Well....i want to see you before you go on your trip

2005-10-06 09:24:24 ET


2005-10-07 05:47:32 ET

i refuse to see you before you go on your trip, so there. MUHAHAHAHA

2005-10-07 06:41:05 ET

too late BITCH!!!

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