2005-10-11 07:08:49 ET


what a trip
i think that chicago is great
i love the city
but it is CRAZY

the craziness began with cutting across 5 lanes of traffic to our exit

walking around chicago for 3 Hours!
and freezing

then locking the keys in the car
and paying $94 to get them out

hanging out with HARDCORE DRUG KIDS!!
(no joking)

Having an awesome view of Chicago

waking to that view

walking around again

seeing the Chicago Marathon

eating dunkin' doughnuts

seeing Wicked

taking the Red Line to Bellmont

driving home

getting pulled over

i would do it again

Pics to come today prob

2005-10-11 14:53:25 ET

I am so jealous

2005-10-11 17:31:30 ET

well.....we will go someday

2005-10-12 01:08:05 ET

You mean like this coming summer
Im doing my internship there

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