2005-10-23 06:38:45 ET

My Birthday is today

i dont feel any diffrent.

2005-10-23 06:53:40 ET

happy bday :D

2005-10-23 06:58:06 ET

happy birthday

...and just remember it's better not to feel anything than to feel something bad ...god knows i am one miserable fuck on my birthday

2005-10-23 07:59:38 ET

Happy birthday bitch tits

i love you

Sorry i couldnt get you alcohol last night

didnt know i was going to the concert unill late yesterday

2005-10-23 08:12:13 ET

bday, yay! I have your present.

2005-10-23 09:48:04 ET

happy birthday!

2005-10-23 22:29:14 ET

happy late bday

2005-10-24 06:44:44 ET

thank you all and everyone and things....

it ended up being a not bad birthday

and thanks to S&S for the Hawt Boy Card!!

2005-10-24 08:12:58 ET

Oh you know it baby

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