2005-10-23 21:35:07 ET

i dont know

dont you sometimes just with that you were in love
and that you didnt have to go to bed alone
and cold

listining to music
wishing that you wernt

i dont know what to do anymore

my birthday got a little better too

2005-10-24 08:14:35 ET

Patience will pay off B

Just you wait and see

Glad your Birthday got better

2005-10-24 10:31:36 ET

bad time sucks when no one is here. :/ basically i see what you mean.

everyone seems so lonely lately.

you shouldnt be lonely mister :)

2005-10-24 12:59:42 ET

bitch, quit yer bitchin.. who needs love when you have warcraft!

2005-10-24 13:49:49 ET

Mrs. porno- i know.....but i am a lonely son of a bitch

and sarah if it werent for me you wouldnt even know what warcraft is

2005-10-26 12:00:28 ET

not true, pumpkin-scotum. I was going to buy Star Craft when it first came out but I bought UO instead.

2005-10-26 13:51:19 ET

yeah well starcraft is not fucking warcraft you candy corn cunt!

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