2005-11-01 12:52:28 ET

well i got the pics back from the first photo shoot....
so i shal post some of the better ones!

well what do you guys think???

2005-11-01 12:57:56 ET

senior pics! susan coffee! YAErrRr!

2005-11-01 13:12:34 ET

You're a very pretty boy Brent.

You don't need us to tell you how sexy you are.

Good Job.

<3 Katie

2005-11-01 13:28:28 ET

I really like the first one
you actually look sexy....yuck....i cant believe i said that
Im going to puke

2005-11-01 15:30:14 ET

They're all good I really like the 3rd one Love the hair

2005-11-01 16:22:33 ET

thank you everyone....

i like them....
i cant lie,
though no matter how hard i try im still pretty self concious

2005-11-02 03:55:18 ET

Your full of shit

2005-11-02 04:37:23 ET

yeah i know.....i am just constipated...

fuck you!!!!!

2005-11-02 09:43:51 ET

Your hair is very versatile. I'm jealous. >:(

They're very good, it's all good.

2005-11-02 14:13:10 ET



2005-11-02 15:15:05 ET


2005-11-03 03:13:32 ET

sorry B
I guess the whole situation was my fault

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