2005-11-13 16:33:33 ET

i am totally standing in the kitchen

totally boiling water

and totally making Thick n' Creamy Mac and cheese

2005-11-13 16:33:58 ET

Yeah, totally.

2005-11-13 16:35:30 ET

i am so totally hungry

and i have no food here

college life

2005-11-13 16:36:22 ET

So do you just have no food there. Or no money to buy food to put there? Or do you have the money to buy the food but no way to go buy the said food?

2005-11-13 16:37:55 ET


it is a mixture of

just having no food.
and also having little money to buy it
becuase i spend money on gas
as my car is almost empty

2005-11-13 16:38:47 ET

so the battle is: food or gas?

Gas is definantly the in thing.

2005-11-13 16:39:23 ET


and man my gas does smell bad bad bad...

2005-11-13 16:40:04 ET

Ew, Yuck! LOL

2005-11-13 16:40:57 ET

indeed i am disgusting.

2005-11-13 16:41:35 ET

It's more humorous than disgusting.

2005-11-13 16:46:28 ET

and now

dinner is done

time to eat!~

2005-11-13 16:56:06 ET

Give me some now plz!


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